Who is GECU?


Greater Eastern Credit Union was chartered in 1952 as a non-profit financial institution for employees of the Mountain Home Veterans Administration Medical Center. From our humble beginnings, we have consistently provided our members with quality financial products and exceptional service. After years of serving government employees, the credit union’s Board of Directors had the foresight to open membership to the community so that everyone would have the opportunity to benefit from our financial services. GECU continues to grow and maintain a strong financial status year after year.

As of November 30, 2022 GECU assets totaled over $60 million with over 4,000 members. As we grow, we continue to develop the best financial products for our members.

Our Vision

"To Guide our Members to a Greater Financial Future!"

Our Mission Statement

"Provide our members with financial products while surpassing their expectations with extraordinary service and commitment."

Our Personal Code of Ethics: How can we be OF HELP ?

– O wnership
– F amily
– H armony
– E xperience
– L oyalty
– P erseverance