Cross-Account Recurring Wire


Cross account transfers or "trusted relationships" may be set up by any member that would like to allow another member permission to access his or her account through online banking. The member that is granting permission may customize access preferences based on what he or she would like to allow the trusted member to do. Access options include allowing the trusted member to conduct balance inquiries, transaction inquiries, deposit money into or transfer money from any of his or her accounts. More than one trusted member can be added to an account. Simply come by any branch to sign a Cross Account Transfer Authorization Form.


Online banking offers an optional feature that allows members to schedule transfers to occur in the future, either as a one-time payment or on a regular basis. Simply click on the Recurring Transfers link and read the disclosures. Once you have accepted the terms, a transfer box will have to be filled out with the requested information and saved. It's as simple as that!


To wire funds INTO GECU, give the sending financial institution the following information:

Wire To: Volunteer Corporate Credit Union

ABA: 264182395

Further Credit to: Greater Eastern Credit Union

Account Number: 264280255

Final Credit to: Member Name, Member Account and Suffix Numbers

To wire OUTGOING FUNDS, please visit a branch location for assistance. Specific wiring instructions will be needed for the RECEIVING financial institution as well as the RECEIVING account holder. Cutoff time to initiate an outgoing wire is 2:00PM. Incoming wires are credited upon receipt throughout the business day.

Outgoing wire fee charges are $25 for domestic wires and $75 for international wires. Incoming wire fees are $25 for both domestic and international wires.